Nick Vardack
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Portrait of Abbey 18/24 oil linen October Farm
Is a Scam
Portrait of Abbey  18/24 oil linen October Farm
Herring Gull: 16x24 oil/linen A common sea gull:
performs aerial ballet.
We all have a gift
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Herring Gull: 16x24 oil/linen
Stewart Knockabout 12x12 oil/board
Stewart Knockabout
Friday Portraits Falmouth Artists Guild 20x16 oli on canvas
Friday Portraits Falmouth Artists Guild
artist's studio 16x20 oil on canvas
artist's studio
The Battery 20/16 oil/c anvas Commodors of Falmouth auction

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The Battery
Fall Marsh 12x16 oil/canvas
Fall Marsh
A family of Swan 18X24 oil on linen
A family of Swan
Bassett Island Bluff 20X30 oil on linen Falmouth, MA 02540 508-548-5271
Bassett Island Bluff
Louise in the Garden artist\'s studio 12x16 oil on linen
Louise in the Garden
9x12 oil on panel
Girls of Pakistan Artist's Studio
oil/linen 18x24
Girls of Pakistan
Onions And Bittersweet 11x14 oil on linen. $700.

Cape Gallery Framer
245 Main Street Falmouth, MA 02540
Onions And Bittersweet
Releasing The Catch 16x20 oil on linen
Releasing The Catch
Still Life With Onions 11x14 oil on linen
Still Life With Onions
Evening At Barlow\'s Landing 36x30 oil on canvas
Evening At Barlow\'s Landing
Indian Summer oil on canvas 16x24
Indian Summer
Waiting 24x30 oil on canvas P.O.R. Artist\'s Studio
Reflection 18x24 oil on canvas Artist\'s Studio
Still Life With Pears 12x16 oil on canvas Artist\'s Studio
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Still Life With Pears
Homage to McGurl 14x18 oil on canvas Artist\'s Studio
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Homage to McGurl